Ace Attorney 5 will NOT get a boxed release in the West

There was the news that Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies wasn’t getting a boxed release on the launch day outside Japan, but that there was some hope that if the demand was high enough that a boxed release could have been released long after the eShop release.

But those hopes have been dashed, partially due to Christian Svensson who was Senior VP of Capcom USA has resigned and since he was the one pushed for a western boxed release, that dream has left with him.


Japan Only Folks

This news will disappoint many in America and Europe, though as stated the reason for the Download-Only route was to get the game released quicker and at a cheaper price and also that the DLC will be released as well albeit without the quiz which was due to cutural differences as stated on Capcom Unity forums

For all you Ace Attorney fans: Will this have an effect for buying this game?

For the full Q&A on Capcom Unity:


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