Cubit the Hardcore Platformer Robot: Full Review

Well, this game is definitely direct about how difficult it is, something not many titles do (looking at you Shantae).

With that out of the way, onto the game itself. The player controls a cute robot, Cubit, and you endlessly run forward, jumping and double jumping to avoid death. You can choose which path to go to get a separate ending and an unlockable character in a way similar to Outrun or Streetpass Quest.


If you can’t decide on the path to take, a tricky jump will decide for you

There are two modes in this game – Soft Mode and Hardcore Mode. Soft Mode isn’t exactly a walk in the park but there are checkpoints for when you die and if you quit mid-game you can go straight to the checkpoints you have passed already.

Hardcore Mode is straightforward but cruel. You only have 3 lives, but in addition to that you have to collect six stars scattered throughout the routes with some in pretty hard places, adding to the evilness of the game. For me, Soft Mode was hard enough; in some cases taking me 35-40 tries to complete a section.

The graphics, like the gameplay, are Spartan but clean and make good use of the 3D. On occasion the graphics tend to lag which can be distracting for some but this only seems to be on certain sections and especially with the 3D effect on.

Cubit level 4 screen

Enemy placement soon turns stages into a precisely-timed nightmare

The levels are just floating platforms, which would feel cheap in other games but because the player will be focused more on not dying than smelling the roses, detailed backgrounds aren’t significantly missed. The soundtrack is catchy, and often synchs up with enemy movement and the location of jumps.

In order to add replay value after finishing the game, there are 24 bonus challenges and the ability to unlock five characters to play alongside our robot hero, which cameo from CoderChild’s other games on DSiWare and  3DS eShop. What’s more, you are able to share your scores with other players around the world which is great for competitive players.

Cubit title screen

Title Screen


Cubit the Hardcore Platformer is a good (if sometimes frustrating) way to test your skills and your patience provided that you don’t smash your 3DS into the wall after one too many deaths. A good game for those who love challenging gameplay similar to games like VVVVVV and 1001 Spikes, but avoid if you are not into brutal games.


  • Unlockable characters and achievements add replay value.
  • The pulsing techno music is a solid backbone to the game.
  • Online score sharing works great with this type of game.


  • Jumping can feel imprecise, which is… a significant drawback.
  • 3D causes notable drops in framerate in places.
  • Only 6 courses to play.

Final Score: 6.5/10

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