Mutant Mudds could get a physical retail release

One of the issues people have with downloading digital games is that you don’t physically OWN the game and if your data got wiped then the game would be lost forever, unless you have a backup or that you are able to download it again free of charge.

Boxed Mutant Mudds

Could this be in a GAME/HMV near you?

Renegade Kid developer Jools Watsham is trying to make a boxed copy of his 3DS game Mutant Mudds available in order to get more sales. He has reached out to Nintendo on this method, but unsure whether Nintendo would permit this as quoted on his blog.

“I am not sure if we are even allowed to order our own copies through Nintendo, and I do not know how much it will cost,” he wrote. “It could cost more than the DS cartridges due to the larger storage sizes.”


Also Jools said that a Kickstarter fund could get it released if Nintendo allows it, as another title Diamond Trust of London (DS) published by indiePub was succcessful getting over $90,000 for 1000 copies (though the target was $78,000)

If Nintendo do give permission to get Mutant Mudds a physical release, then other companies may start doing it to branch out their sales, especially compilations of retro game series e.g. Megaman 1-6 (NES)

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Image Source: Jools Watsham’s Blog

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