Shantae (GBC) gets a release date [UPDATED]

The Game Boy Color platformer Shantae which was supposed to be released last month, had its release date pushed back for unknown reasons. But Matt Bozon of Wayforward has announced via Twitter that the North American release of Shantae is July 18th.

shantae gbc

I shall defeat you with my hair.

News is still unsure of when the European release is, but we hope there’s not too much of a gap has the game has already been confirmed for a European release. As well as the re-release, Wayforward are also developing a new sequel for the 3DS titled Shantae and the PIrate’s Curse.

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UPDATE (14th July): According to Matt Bozon twitter, it has been revealed that July 18th is the WORLDWIDE release date, so we in Britain get it at the same time as the Americans.

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  • helenbaby says:

    Always been intrigued by the look of this title… if it gets a release over here I might just pick it up =D

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