Super Smash Bros (3DS) Launch Events

The launch of what looks set to be one of the 3DS’ best multiplayer games is steadily approaching. Yes, Super Smash Bros (aka Smash Bros 4) will be coming to our 3DS screens on Friday the 3rd of October, featuring Sonic, Pac-Man and all your Nintendo favourites. To commemorate its launch Nintendo are supporting 2 very special events, the first by our very own StreetPass London, the second by our friends at SmashUk.


The Tropical Island from Animal Crossing : New Leaf's never looked better!

The Tropical Island from Animal Crossing : New Leaf’s never looked better than in its’ new Smash Bros incarnation!


The StreetPass London event, known as ‘The London Smash Bros Launch Meet’ will be taking place at the Royal Festival Hall on Sunday the 5th October between 1:30pm – 5. Activities planned thus far include tournaments, a quiz and a raffle, all with prizes! The event is open to all ages and completely free, the Royal Festival Hall are fine with groups loitering so there will be absolutely no pressure on attendees to buy food or drinks. Just bring yourselves, a charged 3DS and a copy of Super Smash Bros for it and you’ll be good to go!


The StreetPassUK crew.

The StreetPass London crew.


The SmashUk event (known as ‘Blastzone, Smash4 3DS Edition’) will be happening the Saturday afterwards at the Centre for Computing History which is being organized by the SaaS email security companies in Cambridge. Alongside Smash Bros 4 this event will also feature tournaments in Smash Bros Melee and Project M (a popular mod of Smash Bros : Brawl to bring it more in line with the earlier Melee title. For more details please see here). Entry to the venue is £6, and participating in the respective tournaments costs £3 each.


The SmashUK logo

The SmashUK logo


If you plan on attending this event please be aware that you must pre-register : there will be no sign-ups on the day. We also strongly urge you to have a good read of the event schedule so you don’t miss anything!


The 3DS' most exciting 4 player romp is on it's way!

The 3DS’ most exciting 4 player romp is on it’s way!


One point worth pointing out is that the attendees of the StreetPass London meet will mainly be casual Smash Bros fans, whereas the SmashUk lot (as many of you will know) will be made up of more hardcore Smash fans. Play it safe or aim to stand tall among the country’s finest, the choice is up to you. If you don’t mind a bit of travelling you can even attend attend both (using the earlier SPLondon meet as a warm-up!).



Here are those magic links where you can RSVP/find out more info about these events :

Those looking for up-to-the minute updates for this title should bookmark this site :

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