TwitchPlaysPokemon completes Pokemon Red in 16 days

The project “TwitchPlaysPokemon” which involved at least a million players in total and 121,000 players at peak during the same time, were playing Pokemon Red and guiding the protagonist (Red) though specific messages (directional commands, “B”, “A”, “select”, and “start”) sent into the Twitch stream’s chat room by users, and sends them to the emulator(which was Visual Boy Advance) as button input, thus controlling the game.

dorkly twitch image

Jumbled mayhem in the Kanto region

There has been much discussion on what this is about and why this was done and the whole project has gotten 33 million views in total. Terms such as Democracy/Anarchy and Helix Fossil were typed in as well as the commands, causing them to be internet memes.

democracyvsanarchy pokemon

Pidgeot or Flareon Who will you choose?

The game was completed in 16 days, 7 hours, 45 minutes and 30 seconds after the game started, with the team finally defeating the Elite Four and the rival Blue.

There is new project based on Pokemon Crystal which started today and you can watch or get involved by clicking on the link below

TwitchPlaysPokemon Channel

Image Source: Joystiq

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